BotFramework: Quick Start

Quick Overview Instead of having you reading all the official documentation, I hope this gives you a good starting point. What is BotFramework? It is a framework developed by Microsoft that allows devs to create bots that can interact with users in a natural way. It can be used in a website, app, Skype, Slack, […]

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Scrum Paper Airplane Game

This is a well-known scrum game that’s been around for a while already. But is one of the games that everytime it is played, it is played differently. How we did it Our game took 2 hours. We started with having only the Product Vision (the picture above shows that I had the vision to […]

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Business Value Game

The Goal This goal of this game is to help to understand that there is a whole world of considarations to take when it comes to balance customers and projects. The Game The idea is simple. There are some customers (see them on the board in the picture above) which every iteration will send the […]

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Scrum Lego City Workshop

This is the first post I’ll be making about Workshops. In this case, this was the well known Scrum Lego game. The idea behind is about teaching Scrum basics while having some fun building a “city” with Lego. The Game and the Boards As a coach you will play the Product Owner role during the […]

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Ionic Creator and Visual Studio

Introduction This time I would like to share how to easily start from scratch an Hybrid App using Ionic Framework, AngularJS and Apache Cordova. We will have two main tools for this guide: Ionic Creator and Visual Studio with Apache Cordova Tools installed. Ionic Creator The guys from Ionic Framework are doing a great job and developing […]

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