Business Value Game

The Goal

This goal of this game is to help to understand that there is a whole world of considarations to take when it comes to balance customers and projects.

The Game

The idea is simple. There are some customers (see them on the board in the picture above) which every iteration will send the company a new request. Every request can have one or more features.

Customers happiness might change. Every request will bring a certain level of happiness to the customer. Whenever an iteration is gone and a customer does not receive any completed request, their happiness goes down. If they reach 0 happiness, they will look for a different supplier.

The trick here is that it is not only about their happiness, but also about the earnings and the business value.

Together with the Customers’ requests cards, there are some investment cards (like, more velocity for the dev team, more release capacity), which are nice to see the ROI.

Teams here are not developers. Participants become Account Managers (all from the same company). And they have to come to an agreement on which request to prioritize, even though it is from another Account Manager and has not a personal benefit, but a global benefit.

After every iteration, every team has to sum up how much they earned considering customer happines, incomes, ROI and Business Value. The team that gets more money in the end, wins.

One trick of this game is that, sometimes, there are customers which are just not worth it. Another trick: bring chocolate for the participants!


Especial Mentions

This one was prepared with my good friend Juanan as well, but he could not attend. If I remember correctly, his wife was giving birth in that moment!



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