Scrum Lego City Workshop

This is the first post I’ll be making about Workshops. In this case, this was the well known Scrum Lego game. The idea behind is about teaching Scrum basics while having some fun building a “city” with Lego.

The Game and the Boards

As a coach you will play the Product Owner role during the Workshop. It is important that you have your User Stories ready and printed (one per paper sheet). Create a Size Board in the wall where the team (participants) can put the User Stories according to their estimations.

Then create a Scrum Board for all the teams where they can put into the Sprint Backlog the committed User Stories (in the picture below, it is the board in the far-away wall, where the rows represent sprints and the columns represent teams).

I hope the picture is understandable 🙂

My suggestion is that teams compete between them but they build together the same city.

Estimation Round

Even though teams are competing, let them estimate all together to better have references on sizes. Grab the User Stories one by one and let them put it into the wall right below the size they think it has.

Once the User Stories are estimated, start the Sprints.

The Sprints

Run a Sprint with all its events:

  • Let them plan and commit to a Sprint Backlog
  • Work
  • Do a Sprint Review
  • And then a short Retrospective

As a coach you want to teach them several principels, and the Product Owner role will help you to. Avoid giving very detailed User Stories so they learn to ask and clarify. Be picky when accepting their work in the Sprint Review. Randomly exclude someone from the game for a couple of minutes like if she had a training or is just sick (this kind of things have a big impact on the capacity of the Team during a Sprint).

Closing Debrief

Conduct a Closing Retrospective where everybody can point what she has learnt from the game and how to apply it. Feel free to raise real-like situations and open discuss about them. For example, as you did not provided detailed enough User Stories, what could the team have done?

Especial Mentions

I would like to thank my colleague and friend Juanan with whom I prepared it. He is just an awesome Agile guy!



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