Scrum Paper Airplane Game

This is a well-known scrum game that’s been around for a while already. But is one of the games that everytime it is played, it is played differently.

How we did it

Our game took 2 hours. We started with having only the Product Vision (the picture above shows that I had the vision to build an Airbus A-380). We created some Epics out of it and went into a initial Grooming where we broke down the Epics into User Stories, the team estimated them and I, as a Product Owner, prioritized them.

Right after, we jumped into the planning, where the team committed to a certain amount of Story Points, and the Sprint started.

The Sprint

We timeboxed every meeting.

  • Grooming and Planning took 3 minutes each
  • Sprints were of “2 days”, every day lasting 5 minutes
  • And every day we had a quick daily (1 additional minute)
  • At the end of the Sprint, we had the review 3 minutes
  • The Retro: 2 minutes (so they could identify some improvements and actions)
  • And then we started with the next Sprint

We did it in 4 Sprints (1 hour and 40 minutes more or less)

As the initial Grooming took a while, we only had 8 minutes for a final round to see what were the learnt lessons.

Some Pictures

Some Insights

I found it very funny, and participants too! If you want to present it, it is so flexible that you can really decide which Scrum situations you want the participants to face and learn:

  • Starting a project from scratch in Scrum is a challenge when you are not used to the methodology
  • You can define unclear USs and then reject the Increment to make them aware that they have to clarify stuff before committing to it (or either reject it)
  • Time is short, so the team has to really learn quickly to work together and self-organize
  • It is very interesting to see how they create actions in the retrospective, and even, given the time constraint, invest time on improvements that finally pay off!
  • In this concrete case, they even asked to adjust the length of the Sprint to be more efficient.

The airplane has no wheels, seets were just drawn lines on the inside, the wing brakes are post its… but let’s be honest, I did not expect that they could do that much! The team impressed me!

We wanted to throw it out of the balcony in the center of Barcelona and see if the most important requirement was met 😉 but with the MWC ongoing and all the security around, was not the smartest idea!

Hope you like it!



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